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Bookcafe: Shaket Garden City Cafe

By on February 4, 2017

Salam alayk and izzayak?

Jyeahhhh finally got time to write a post. I really want to share about this place. This is unpaid review because I really love the place. Fyi, I want to have my own book cafe in the future insyaAllah. This dream came after I watched a France movie about a girl who works in a book cafe I don’t remember the title but the scene still vividly played in my mind.

I had an expat meet up in Cairo last month. This meet up held quite frequent but because of my commitments I really can’t join all of them. This time I joined them because I want to meet them before I back for good to tanah airku 🙂 After this we hardly meet again I think.

So here I may share a little details about this place. If you have any questions you can comment on this post or email me.

Name : Shaket Garden City Cafe, Cairo


How to get there:

  1. Taxi (see the map in their Facebook)
  2. Metro (You can choose either to stop at Saad Zaghloul station or Sadat Metro station because the cafe is near to them about 10 minutes walk)
  3. Drive by yourself.

This book cafe is inside the building. You may not find it from outside, need to walk a bit to find the building. You may see a lift/elevator inside the building. I must mention this lift because we went there at night and the lighting in the lift make it looks stunning. From outside I feel like I was watching a JYP music video (If you Kpop lover you will know what I’m talking about haha). So classic!

But don’t use the lift, just use the stairs and voila you will see the signboard at the first floor of the building. This book cafe is like a house. There are few rooms with different classic decorations. It’s very lovable place to have a meet up, maybe make an assignment or you can even study there. Here, I will show you some pictures that I took.

one of the rooms.
The aisle of the book cafe. There are also books for sale!
This is one of the hall.

They have few beverages and some desserts. The price quite affordable and the waiter is so friendly and a nice guy! Aha, forgot to tell you that there is WiFi too.

I will definitely come here again.

My Overall views:

Place : 9/10

Food: 9/10

Location: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Hospitality : 9/10

Sorry if I just being overrated, but try to go there once. You might fall in love then.

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