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Why I didn’t cook at home ?

By on July 5, 2017

I love cooking. I love to cook what I am craving to eat especially when I was abroad. I don’t always cook fancy things because I just like the normal things and obviously easy to make them. Few things that I made before this are nasi kerabu, nasi kandar (because I miss nasi kandar so much 😭😭😭), spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti bolognese, Ayam Masak Merah, ayam black pepper and etc.

I always looooove carbo and all things related to carbohydrates especially rice and spaghetti. They are bae <3
I don’t really like sweet things or any hipster food with excessive cheese or excessive decorations or extra big food. Oh, come on. We only want to try out not to eat like famish people.
I secretly count the calories intake each time I bite, so this is one of the reasons why I don’t eat much 😂😂😂

Starting last year I did start my new diet regime which called the alkaline Mediterranean diet. At first, I try it out because of dermatology issues. As I learned dermatology during my medical school I found out that carbohydrates may lead to acne 😭😭 Gosh how come?! Now I know why I easily got acne. But I really love rice (I may eat a large portion of rice every meal hu hu hu).

Another reason is as one of my preparation to go to Brazil. I find that this diet may help me a lot in Brazil soon as I will barely find halal food there and I will turn out to be a vegetarian there. My friend said that “You may say everything is a pork until prove otherwise 😂”. It is quite true actually.

Alkaline Mediterranean Diet is basically combined of two diets which are alkaline diet and the Mediterranean diet. The alkaline diet involves eating lots of alkaline-promoting foods such as fruit, veggies, soybeans, and lentils, and avoiding acid-causing meat, legumes, refined sugar and processed foods. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean diet is comprised of lots of fresh fruit and veggies, legumes, whole grains, seafood, a little meat and red wine, nuts, seeds and heart-healthy extra-virgin olive oil as the main fat. In short, this diet promoting lots of fruit and vegetable consumption with less carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

The proportion of the food class is a quarter for fruit, a quarter for vegetable, a quarter for carbohydrates and the balance is for protein and fat. When the first time I started to practice this regime, the kakak cafe at my hostel ask me “Why eating so many vegetables? Are you on diet? Are you getting married?” few questions had been asked. To make it short I just nodded and smiled at her. I practice this regime almost 3 months before I go to Brazil and alhamdulillah when I was there it was easy for me to become vegetarian.

I found that Brazilians have a healthy lifestyle and they practice eating real food in their university’s dining hall. I am amazed! They even got a big board wrote “REAL FOOD”.

From there I personally changing my perception on food, I will choose what I will eat (but of course I have my cheat day hehe). Yet, now I don’t strictly practice this regime but I remember the concept. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable, not consume canned food or processed food. try to eat healthy way.

So, this is one of the reasons that I don’t cook at home. Apparently, my family has different taste buds from me. My taste buds quite different because I did travel a lot and as I shared I practice another diet from most of my family member. I’ll just cook what I want to eat. HAHAHA. And I actually can’t cook to the level what my dad wants to eat because he is freaking picky. I gave up to just let my mom cook for him. hahaha sorry, dad.

Well, eat healthy food and work on a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your health is one of the ways to praise the ni’mat that God has given to us 🙂


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By on February 25, 2017

This week gonna be my last week in Black Sea Region. I am quite sad but there are a lot of another thing need to be done in my second home, Cairo & then Malaysia keep calling me. My sister always ask me “Tak reti-reti nak balik Malaysia ke? (Don’t you want to come back to Malaysia?)”

She then angry at me a bit because I told her that I want to be an expat, I will live oversea and settle down anywhere outside Malaysia haha. I don’t mind if my parents want to stay with me, I will bring them too. No, I am not joking 😉

Actually last week I had my amazing Black Sea Journey! I will blog about it soon (bila turun wahyu Hehe). This post I want to write to my BFF since forever, AK because I know that AK has a really tough time right now. I already speak to AK’s mom and I found how hard the situation is. Yeah, I don’t know if AK will read about this or not. Anyway, I share with you guys how I destress myself.

Everyone will have their hard time. I do have mine too. I already passed them and I’m sure I gonna face another hard time again. Life is like a wheel. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down bottom. You can’t have all bad things all the time or you have all happy things all the time. NO. So what did I do to destress myself?

  1. Always look everything in positively. There must be a reason why those things happen. Usually, the tough thing will build you to be a better one. Did you know that diamond is made up under pressure?
  2. Go eat ice-cream! This is the thing that I always do. Sometimes I will buy the expensive ice-cream then regret it hahaha. But then I would say to myself (it’s okay once in while kan :P) or find another dessert to calm you down. But don’t overeat!
  3. Relax, close your eyes and imagine the good things that you ever had. Remember the amazing trip that you went to. Remember your families’ faces. Remember all the sweet things. Dude, tough time will pass but tough people won’t. 🙂
  4. Listen to music. Or sing your lungs out. Yes Yes Yes. I am my own fan. Even I know people will get ear aches when they hear I sing but this one way to destress myself. Nah IDC.
  5. Take a walk or run the town. I noticed that when I started my running routine every weekend I become less stress. Some research said that the endorphin will be released and the stress hormone will decrease. Endorphine is a happy hormone FYI.
  6. Do something that require your creativity like drawing or knitting. The art therapy can reduce the stress. Here, in the palliative care unit, the doctors encourage the patient to draw and making art to reduce their stress. If you visit here then you can see few drawings by the cancer patients exhibited here.
  7. Try yoga, pilates, or any meditations. If you are a muslim, try to turn back to your God. Maybe He miss you 😉
I still remember this moment. It was an amazing trip. I told myself to remember this view when I face stress situation in future. 

Guys, it’s okay to be imperfect. It’s okay that not everything will happen according to your plan. I start to embrace my vulnerabilities and I become more calm. Remember that good things will happen then. POSITIVE! Of course I will cry my lungs out till all the neighbour know what happen haha. Just spill it out, it will lessen the burden. No cry will not crush your ego dude. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness.

Of whatever KEEP CALM and may Allah ease you 🙂
fi emanillah.

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World is a book.

By on February 1, 2017

Salam and hi all.

It’s been a long time not write here. One post per month. Oh come on, I’m better than this seriously. HAHA. I do have a lot of thing to talk about but I am too lazy to write. After a month came back to my beloved country I gained 4kg. I just keep eating and having a sedentary life. Not so good thing meh.

I went to Kuala Lumpur International Book fair last time and it was my first time after 6 years missed it. How i missed buying books in bulk. You will not imagine how much I spend on books per year. This year I spent almost RM700++ and I wish to finish all of them. Yeah well, I have pretty much spare time.

There are two things that I really love, BOOKS and TRAVEL. When I randomly surfing the internet, I found this quote from Saint Augustine which I like so much. It said,

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Me long time ago in Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

For me reading is an essential thing that a human being needs to do in his life. Nah, reading is not a hobby. Even the first verse revealed was Al-Alaq  ayah 1 which is;

Recite in the name of your Lord who created 

There are so many genre that you can read. Keep on reading as long as it give you good information. I prefer both fiction and non-fiction but for the fiction i don’t prefer the thriller one. Hehe.

I may read a lot of books that different from my belief and principles, but that does not mean that I do embrace another belief. You can read about them and take the good things that may benefit you and your surrounding. I found that few people doesn’t like to read book from other because they afraid that they may change their principle. Or even their belief. Let me give you an example. One may not read something about communism because he afraid that he will become a communist. Oh Please!

When you read something, clear your mind and put aside all your principles. Not to dispose your belief but you should give a time to the author to explain their mind and voice. Not to reject directly the first word that you read. The author may has the explanation for that. Throughout the reading, try to understand and interpret the information with what you already know. Finally, make a conclusion for that. Not just simply invalidate everything. That’s ego.

I would suggest you a book from Mortimer J. Adler, How to Read a Book. This book will give you guidelines for critically reading good and great books of any tradition.

and here.

100 books that you should read before you die.

If you are too lazy to open a physical book. There’s another option too. Ebook, Kindle & at least good article from facebook. If you don’t like to read why don’t you enjoy some good videos like Tedtalk (I will watch them sometimes. They did change my life a lot. I mean A LOT) and listen to the podcast. Come on guys. We are better than this.

Yeah, to a better world.


In the name of your Lord who created.

Fi emanillah.

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