Travelling Tips for Solo Traveler (Especially for Muslim Women)

By on October 5, 2017

Selam aleykum wbt and Hi guys,
It has been a long time not writing in this blog. I am not really busy but not in the right mood to write though I got a lot of things to talk about. Oh God, give me strength!

Lately, I decided to make a vlog. I did try to record the vlog but it still didn’t turn out like what I want to. So I will hold it until I did it well. I need a proper place with less noise, with proper lighting and stuff.

So, today I want to share with you guys some contents of the vlog, which are few tips about solo travelling especially for Muslim women out there. I did solo travel to few countries like Brazil, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Egypt. Not much but just sharing something if you still hesitate to start a journey because solo travelling is addicting and it is fun! I honestly want to do more solo travel again in the future.

Let’s start!

No 1, the most important thing is to tajdid your niat or renew your intentions. Why do you want to travel in the first place? Everything must start with the good intention, you will soon insyaAllah attract the good things to happen. I am so pissed off when people came back from somewhere but they only share the bad things about the places. Can’t you clear your lenses and point of views? Positive vibes, please.

No 2, do plan your itineraries thoroughly and share it with your family and friends. After you do the itineraries, ask permission from your parents first or you can ask the permission before making the itineraries. You should know where you will sleep, what you going to take, is it a bus, or a train or a ferry. There was one time when I went to Greece, my friends were planning all the itineraries but I didn’t tell my mum that I was actually in Greece. You know what happened was, the first day of the trip, the weather went so cloudy till our flight was delayed. But because we already booked everything in Greece, we burnt the hotel stay that night and the flight to Santorini the next day. Then we need to buy new ferry tickets to Santorini which cost us about 40 euros. Only God knew how much our money went away like Niagara Falls. After I called my mum, alhamdulillah everything went well. See the power of mother?

No 3, make sure your passport is still valid and check if you need you need any visa to enter the countries. Please back up all the important documents in email, in the google doc, in Evernote or wherever online as much as possible in case something happen in the future. Plus, especially if you travel alone, do email or contact with the embassy. Last time, when I was in Brazil, I did email to the embassy there but they didn’t reply. It’s okay. I just wish that they could treat me some roti canai in the South America region cause you know my perut is so Malaysian.

No 4, travel light and be minimalist as much as you can. For God sake please don’t bring unnecessary things. you are alone and if something happens you can’t run with heavy things then. and wear something more to local and don’t wear fancy things that make you obvious like a foreigner. You also might attract the scammer and pickpocket to do something with you. But it also depends on the countries. When I was in Turkey I can’t wear something that is so simple. They did misunderstand me with a refugee once. lol so wear beautiful clothes and put the red lips on!

No 5, whenever possible, visit the local mosque and find halal restaurants. When I was in Brazil for about one and half month, I was so sad because I didn’t hear any azan. It is because the nearest mosque is 45 minutes by car. You have to be strong and keep in touch with your friends so that they can always remind you. Being alone in foreign countries, it’s only you and your God, I mean if you don’t perform prayer or did bad things no one knows. It is so important to maintain your ibadah while you are travelling. If you always read al-Quran or al-Mathurat every day, try to read it also when you travel. At least, download the Quran apps on your phone. I don’t know. I just feel incomplete if I don’t read Quran every day. You may not read as much as you read at home but please don’t any neglect it while travelling.

No 6, especially Muslim women, to ease you when travelling, wear something that is suitable to perform solat (something that covers your aurat properly). You also can bring small sajadah in case there is no available mosque or musolla to pray. You can still solat on the ground or in the park. Plus, brings a lot of panty liners so you will always be in a clean state. InsyaAllah.

No 7, so here other tips, as a solo traveller, one of the best things to do is to join a free walking tour. Here, you can make new friends who also travel solo and exchange few stories with them. Also, you can join Couchsurfing. Some friends asked me about CS, alhamdulillah so far I have good experiences with the CS communities. I did travel with CS in Egypt, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and currently with CouchSurfing Kota Kinabalu. They are like my other family and we still keep in touch till now!

No 8, yes, there is one thing I want to share with you guys, please don’t travel at night. But this also depends on the country. Like when I was in Brazil, all the travellers were not going anywhere at night. Even the local advised not to do it unless you have a car and the place you go is secured. I want to quote what my friend said, he said that all citizens in Brazil at least have experienced being robbed 3 times in their life. and my other intercambista from Bolivia, on his fourth day in Brazil, he did witness someone got killed on the street. phew. but fret not, there are still some countries that still safe to travel at night and enjoy the night view. Like in Istanbul. Wherever you go please read some reviews about the country first.

That’s all from me. If you have anything to add or any questions, please drop comments below.


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Legally on Road.

By on July 18, 2017

Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah…
Finally, I passed my driving test. Today I have my test with JPJ and I was freaking nervous. Yesterday I even had a migraine and I took 2 panadol to relieve it.

Actually, I had my driving class 6 years ago after SPM but I didn’t finish it because I got offer abroad to continue my studies. Unfortunately, I just burned the fee T___T

So, while waiting for my job call now (I better have done this driving license before I work tbh) I learned how to drive at one of the driving school near my house. I’m so pleased this time because I finally understand and remember the things that I need to do on the road because before this I just being so clueless on road. What just I learn from my driving teacher meh 6 years ago. Plus, the couples that taught me are husband and wife who are quite good looking hahaha. They are also so helpful and friendly.

The day before my JPJ test, I was practicing the road with Bro Y, I did a lot of mistakes, Bro Y kept said to me “What you did will cause you failed, you know…”
-I forgot to turn on the signal earlier.
-I just crossed the white line…
-I just forgot to see carefully the cars from behind…
So, much complaints that I finally so worried about the next day (because I felt my circuit practices were almost perfect…. Overconfident meh)

I went home with a burden of worries. That’s why I had my migraine and I almost puke that night. I did solat hajat, solat taubat and solat istikharah. I prayed that Allah will ease everything. You know I need to do solat taubat a lot. I don’t which sins will make my day miserable. Miserable, I might fail the test and repeat the test (and need to pay another RM200 if I repeat the test duhh nauzubillah).

The day of the test, which is this morning. I woke up earlier, I ate cornflakes for my breakfast then get ready for the test. I prayed solat dhuha with extra rakaats today. I am so freaking nervous. I just want to pass the test in a single test. Huhuhu.

I waited for Bro Y to take me to the driving office. We registered and attend the brief from the officers. The tests for JPJ.

*Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan (RPK)
which I forgot to tell the JPJ about the road tax and things on the front mirror @.@

*Circuit Test ( Ujian Bukit, Parking, 3 Penjuru, Z course and S course)
Alhamdulillah I got Kancil (there were 3 cars; 1 Viva & 2 Kancil)
Viva is a nightmare because the car is bigger than Kancil and the clutch are not so helpful for a beginner.
A normal Kancil which everyone dreams because it was the car that everyone practices with it (Alhamdulillah I got this car)
Another Kancil which the gear is not functioning well. Many failed the test because of this.

*On the Road test (JPJ beside you)
Alhamdulillah I got a female JPJ, she is so helpful and I passed the test!

I so blessed today finally I am legal to drive on road. The only thing I asked from Allah, please allow me to pass this test so I can be a chauffeur for my parents!

So this is for both of them 🙂

Abah treated me at Aroi Thai Boat Noodle Restaurant. Yeay Thank you Abah!

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Wedding inspiration! 

By on July 9, 2017

I just saw a wedding picture’s friend of my friend. They had a mixed of a traditional Malay wedding in a modern garden theme. I must say it is a beautiful wedding. I suddenly fall in love with that theme! I finally went to my dreamland and got excited by myself hahaha. Dreaming is free right :p
I just want to put my wedding inspiration here for future reference hi hi hi.

I don’t think I want a white dress. Maybe dusty pink or other pastel colours.
I love this bouquet!
And this veil 🙂
And only simple dress like this :))
Or like this. So lovelyyyy 😍😍
I want a flower crown or something like Athena!

And here some cakes inspirations 😉

Not these macaroons but the cake at the back 😀

This event will be a small event for family and close friends only (for my side) Because  I plan to do it at Borneo. I don’t think many people will come because you know we need to spend on flight tickets 😅😅

And honeymoon my top lists are

  1. Italy
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Greece

But some Islands near my house are good enough 😂😂😂

I hope that I don’t spend much on my wedding because more important is the life after wedding right 🙂
So, my Prince Charming are you lost or your Waze isn’t functioning ?!


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Offline Social Media! 

By on July 6, 2017


Lately, I’ve been so unproductive. I had some sort of depression too due to several reasons. I felt so pessimist. One day, when I was browsing the YouTube I saw a video named “A year offline, what I have learned | Paul Miller | TEDxEutropolis”. After I saw the title, I paused. I think this is the sign that I should go offline now. So, I decided to offline some of my social medias, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and uninstall them from the phone. I want to live my life the other way. I stop spending time on social medias so I have time to read more (especially the books that I bought last time in KLIBF). It is because I have a very bad self-control on social media. I spent a lot of time on them. Doing unbeneficial things.

This is the video.

Another thing was I spent lots of time playing games especially Candy Crush. I did finish 390 levels within one and half month. I didn’t sleep at night sometimes because of this. So I did delete the games on my phone too. Instead, I learn the new language which is Japanese in Duolingo. See, I rather spend my time on favorable thing after this.

Just for memory before I delete the game. huhu

Alhamdulillah, my other friend also very supportive, she also offline too as well. Plus, I asked my mom to stop subscribing the Astro for this month. Only two channels are available which is TV2 and Astro Awani (for News) HAHAHA I think this new environment is so supporting my offline campaign.

Today is my second day offline. I feel so relax and I do have read more than before & blogging more I think! Let’s go on!

Do you want to try offline?



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Why I didn’t cook at home ?

By on July 5, 2017

I love cooking. I love to cook what I am craving to eat especially when I was abroad. I don’t always cook fancy things because I just like the normal things and obviously easy to make them. Few things that I made before this are nasi kerabu, nasi kandar (because I miss nasi kandar so much 😭😭😭), spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti bolognese, Ayam Masak Merah, ayam black pepper and etc.

I always looooove carbo and all things related to carbohydrates especially rice and spaghetti. They are bae <3
I don’t really like sweet things or any hipster food with excessive cheese or excessive decorations or extra big food. Oh, come on. We only want to try out not to eat like famish people.
I secretly count the calories intake each time I bite, so this is one of the reasons why I don’t eat much 😂😂😂

Starting last year I did start my new diet regime which called the alkaline Mediterranean diet. At first, I try it out because of dermatology issues. As I learned dermatology during my medical school I found out that carbohydrates may lead to acne 😭😭 Gosh how come?! Now I know why I easily got acne. But I really love rice (I may eat a large portion of rice every meal hu hu hu).

Another reason is as one of my preparation to go to Brazil. I find that this diet may help me a lot in Brazil soon as I will barely find halal food there and I will turn out to be a vegetarian there. My friend said that “You may say everything is a pork until prove otherwise 😂”. It is quite true actually.

Alkaline Mediterranean Diet is basically combined of two diets which are alkaline diet and the Mediterranean diet. The alkaline diet involves eating lots of alkaline-promoting foods such as fruit, veggies, soybeans, and lentils, and avoiding acid-causing meat, legumes, refined sugar and processed foods. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean diet is comprised of lots of fresh fruit and veggies, legumes, whole grains, seafood, a little meat and red wine, nuts, seeds and heart-healthy extra-virgin olive oil as the main fat. In short, this diet promoting lots of fruit and vegetable consumption with less carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

The proportion of the food class is a quarter for fruit, a quarter for vegetable, a quarter for carbohydrates and the balance is for protein and fat. When the first time I started to practice this regime, the kakak cafe at my hostel ask me “Why eating so many vegetables? Are you on diet? Are you getting married?” few questions had been asked. To make it short I just nodded and smiled at her. I practice this regime almost 3 months before I go to Brazil and alhamdulillah when I was there it was easy for me to become vegetarian.

I found that Brazilians have a healthy lifestyle and they practice eating real food in their university’s dining hall. I am amazed! They even got a big board wrote “REAL FOOD”.

From there I personally changing my perception on food, I will choose what I will eat (but of course I have my cheat day hehe). Yet, now I don’t strictly practice this regime but I remember the concept. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable, not consume canned food or processed food. try to eat healthy way.

So, this is one of the reasons that I don’t cook at home. Apparently, my family has different taste buds from me. My taste buds quite different because I did travel a lot and as I shared I practice another diet from most of my family member. I’ll just cook what I want to eat. HAHAHA. And I actually can’t cook to the level what my dad wants to eat because he is freaking picky. I gave up to just let my mom cook for him. hahaha sorry, dad.

Well, eat healthy food and work on a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your health is one of the ways to praise the ni’mat that God has given to us 🙂


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Tautan Kasih 13 brought to by Malaysia Relief Agency

By on June 6, 2017

Selam aleykum and hi guys!

So today I want to share with you guys what I did last weekend! This is so exciting because this one of the things that really love to do when I got chance.

I joined Tautan Kasih 13 which organised by Malaysian Relief Agency (here is their Facebook go click LIKE now!) last 2,3 and 4 June 2017. This is my fourth time joining them and I am so excited because this event is my event after a very looooong break. You know I don’t have time to join because we got no holidays for final year medical student. Nak cuti pun kena curi-curi. Sobs.

Tautan Kasih is kind of yearly event (sometimes there’s few times in a year depends on demand) that they will make it during Ramadan because of this time of Ramadan when you can’t eat during the day, it will simulate the drought. So, this year event will simulate the drought and famine in Yemen.

You have to register it online (they make it more systematic now because so many people joining now bravo bravo i like it) then after you pay the fee about RM 150 (this also depends on the organiser because my last 3 times that I joined it’s free!) then you will received an email about your confirmation. If you didn’t received the email maybe because of technical problems please follow up with them or you will miss the chance to join it.

There are 3 level that you can joined. You need to pass one level to enter the next level.

1. LABK (Asas)
– untuk peserta yang belum pernah menyertai program latihan bantuan kemanusiaan anjuran MRA.
– ianya merangkumi 6 buah modul Latihan Asas Bantuan Kemanusiaan.

2. LPBK (Pertengahan)
– untuk peserta yang telah berjaya menamatkan kursus latihan LABK pada tahun-tahun sebelumnya.
– ianya merangkumi 6 buah modul Latihan Pertengahan Asas Bantuan Kemanusiaan sebagai persediaan untuk ke peringkat lanjutan.

3. LTKK (Lanjutan)
– untuk peserta yang telah berjaya menamatkan kursus latihan di peringkat pertengahan iaitu LPBK.
– merangkumi beberapa modul pelaksanaan projek di lapangan.


Program latihan ini adalah terbuka kepada SAHABAT MRA dan orang awam (warganegara sahaja) yang berumur 16 tahun dan keatas. Pendaftaran boleh dibuat melalui pautan link dibawah. Tempat penyertaan adalah terhad dan yuran pendaftaran untuk setiap peringkat latihan hanya RM150 sahaja.

This year they upgrade the event to another place which is more exciting. They will involve more 4X4 this time!
Finally you will get the list of items that we need to bring. So here some ideas what to bring along with you to ease your life there.

  1. Identity Card (MUST)
  2. Copy of your Identity Card
  3. First Aid/Medicine (depend on your needs)
  4. Toiletries kit; Shower gel/soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, razor, pads, tissues, etc
  5. Sleeping bag (to comfort your night or you can bring blanket and something to sleep on)
  6. Suitable attires ; tshirt, jeans, belts, pants, sweater, jackets, socks, undergarment, telekung, rain gear, towel and shoes
  7. Others ; laundry bag, bugs repellant (guys this VIP hutan guys hutan), candles (no light huhu), lighter/matches, knife (just incase), torch light and its batteries (VIPPPP), notebook and pen, camera, farming gloves (in case), plate and cup (sendirian berhad okay), fork and spoon, and tarvel alarm (if needed)

*please bring suitable bag, no luggage or bag with wheels. it’s camping guys, we are not going for honeymoon.

*women are not allowed to wear baju kurung, jubah, or dress. Please wear suitable attire, again we are going to camp.

*please wear suitable shoes like sport shoes. obviously no high heels or leather shoes.

From Kuala Lumpur the participants took the bus then the last point that the bus can reach, they will ride the 4×4 till the base camp!
Before this, the base camp was at Pos Bersih, Slim River but for this year, they make a history by changing the base camp to Pos Keding, which is far from Pos Bersih and only can be access by 4WD at this time being (there is new road in making, after this the road will be smooth you can even drive your BMW to reach there :p)

Level 1 (Basic): Latihan Asas Bantuan Kemanusian (LABK)
So for level 1, which is the basic level, there will be 6 modules you need to learn.

First day, you will learn about Introduction of MRA and Orang Asli, Stress Management, and Basic Preparation for as Humanitarian Workers. After breaking the fast and tarawikh, you will continue to learn how to use walkie talkie and some sharing moment from the experience humanitarian workers.

Second day, you will learn about Basic Humanitarian and Basic Reporting, and also you will have modules about Basic Negotiation and Basic Medical Aids. In the afternoon, they will send you to the respective Pos. Either you will go to Pos Tibang or Pos Keding.

Here at your field, you will apply what they have taught you in the module, so for second day and third day, you will mingle with the local Orang Asli people and do activities with them.

Some of activities that we did before is some games, educational activities, hygiene programs such as teach the kids how to shampoo and how to brush properly, free medical check up (this will involve the doctors, specialists and consultants. my favourite so far) and anything that you would love to do with the local.

Last day, everyone will gather again at the base camp and there will be sharing moment before we back home 😉

even for the basic level, you will learn how to read maps and the geographical knowledge. I like this sessions too because you know I really love geography! 🙂

Level 2 (middle) : Latihan Pertengahan Bantuan Kemanusiaan (LPBK)
I been through this level before I swear this is the best level evaaaaaah!

For the first day, the middle level participants will have special task while the first level participant attending the modules. Guess what is the task ? Tadaaaaaaaa… Its a task to prepare food for iftar! Heeee heeeee. You don’t need to attend the session but helping the committee to cut the onions, wash the chickens and prepare delicious food for everyone!

Then, after the iftar you can join the walkie talkie sessions with the first level participants and become their facilitators.

Second day, omg this is the most exciting partttttttt! You will learn how to drive the 4WD. Yeayyy.. This is not just the basic, you will experience how to drive in and feel the up and downs of the uneven surface of earth and know to settle if your car get stuck in a deep mud. If you are lucky enough, you will drive through a river. Hahahah I don’t know how to share the amazing experience here. But because of  last time after I learnt how to drive 4WD I decided to buy 4WD as my first car!

After that, you will have a module about The Needs and Safety in Humanitarian field. I think you will learn about the weapons, firearms and bombs with the demonstrations from the experts. In the afternoon, they will send you as facilitators with your group to the selected Pos, either Pos Tibang or Pos Keding.

In the other notes, during my times, we were working as a group and not as facilitators and were sent to Pos Keding/Pos Tibang. There we will do the community services as what the first level participants did.

Last day, you will also gather with everyone for sharing moments.

Level 3 (advanced): Latihan Tindakan Krisis Kemanusian (LTKK)
I forgot to tell for the second and third level, we go to the Slim River with the 4×4 team not by the bus. Heheh so we reach early and waited for the other participant to arrive. First day, just like the middle level participant, we got special task to prepare iftar for everyone. I did the cutting part which involved so much drama so much tears involved as I cut lots of onionssssss hahaha I iz don’t like onions HAHAH i just stay cool and keep cutting (with unnecessary crying sessions).

After iftar and tarawikh, we joined the walkie talkie and sharing moment sessions. Frankly I just forget how to use walkie talkie because I left it too long and that night I can refresh my knowledge about it. So glad!

Then next day, we prepare to go to our special post which is Pos Tenau. Pos Tenau is about 45minutes to 1 hour drive from the base camp Pos Keding. The location of Pos Tenau just below the Cameron Highland, so the view is so stunning and the breeze is so chilling and pleasant even in the middle of afternoon. But here, unfortunately we did this during school holidays. School holidays means we got no one to entertain. Pos Tenau is very special because they are extremely minute exposure to the technology and they are quite sceptical with us (Muslim people because they have been doctrine to Christianity. No religion issues actually but they think we want to preach them when we actually want to give them free medical services and mingle with them only). Even the Tok Batin refuse to talk with us unlike the other Pos whom the Tok Batin and the people are very welcoming and cooperating.

So, we just making food for our iftar. Just 3 of us. Sobs. It’s freaking boring for me just to sit and did nothing.

Food for Iftar!
After iftar, we just talked to each other until we got no topic to be discuss. Hu Hu Hu. Then, Dr Daud came and visit us and discuss what we can do here in Pos Tenau. That night, I asked to go back to base camp. They called me Pelarian Tenau. I’m sorry I just abort the mission in Pos Tenau.

At least at the base camp I can fry keropok lekor HAHAHA. After I came to base camp, that night I did accompany Kak Tidy (midnight) visited the Pos Keding And Pos Tibang to see if the participant doing well or not. Alhamdulillah they did well.

The next day, I joined the medical team and the media team to Pos Tenau again to see if we still got chance to meet the local people there. This is the view on our way to Pos Tenau. See the clouds :)))) So cold and refreshing air ups there.

Picture with the medical team, media team from TV AlHijrah and the awesome Overlander 3F people at Pos Tenau. (while no one come to visit us T___T)

Overlanders 3F is the team that responsible for the transportation and they did great job! I really happy to know and meet most of them.

Family photo last day after the sharing moment at the base camp Pos Keding. We have a great time overall. See you guys again!

“The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.” [Daraqutni, Hasan]

Thank you Malaysian Relief Agency for this opportunity. Definitely will join again as medical team 😀


p/s: sorry for any lack of information. Too lazy to write everything. If you want me to add or delete something, don’t afraid to email me okay.

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Gaziosmanpaşa University Hospital.

By on May 17, 2017

Selam aleykum and merhaba!

This is my appreciation post for one of my favourite hospital in the world, Gaziosmanpașa (GOP) University Hospital. I promised my supervisor to tell everyone about this hospital after I finished my works there. I am sorry it’s a bit late but here is it!

Gaziosmanpașa University Hospital or as known as GOP UH is located in Tokat, Turkey. It is a university hospital that established in 1992. The university hospital is near to the building of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Gaziosmanpașa University.

I got an offer for professional exchange from International Federation of Medical Student Association Egypt (IFMSA Egypt) to do my exchange in this hospital for one month. I chose to do this exchange after I finished my medical school. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity. Thank You IFMSA Egypt.

I had done my exchange in Surgical Department under supervision of the Head of Department, Dr Ismail Okan. He is an experienced and distinguished doctor. I learnt a lot of things throughout this experience. They do love to teach the students and give opportunities for us to do the procedures and assist the surgeries. Assisting the surgery is the most thing that I look forward to because in my medical school we don’t have that kind of opportunities handling the surgery by ourselves.

In here, I saw everyday patients were struggling between life and death. It made me appreciate my life more. The passion that shown by the health workers here from the nurses, helpers, medical attendants and the doctors really inspired me to do my best in my medical career soon. They were also very welcoming in teaching me anything that I don’t understand even they have to repeat it many times.

Other than assisting and witnessing how the procedure of the operations were done, we learnt how endoscopy worked in the Endoscopic Department, then they teached us how to diagnose the disease and the plan for treatments.

I had done assisting more than 20 operations such as thyroid operations, gastrectomy, stomach cancers, intestinal cancers, mastectomy and many more. I am so fortune to experience all of these and insyaAllah I will use the knowledge that I gained for the future.

In addition, we also had our lunch at the Surgical Department café. Lunch is the most time that I can’t wait for because I really love delicious food that has been made there (well it’s a meal for specialist it must taste good right :D)

I had my pharyngitis again last day of my exchange. Alhamdulillah everyone there treats me well 🙂 

One of the operation that I can’t forget is the operation of stomach cancer that spread to the surrounding organ. The operation took almost 5 hours straight and I can’t deny it was a very tiring surgical procedure. We usually went back home at 5 pm but at that time we went home almost at 8pm. But the doctor treated us a box of pizza per person because he surely knew how hungry we were.

Moreover, we also spent our time in Palliative Care Unit also under supervision of Dr Ismail Okan to see how the palliative care works. Here the cancer patient were treated and cared by the Palliative Care group consist of different health workers profession. During my last day of exchange, I spent some time to cook for the patients and health workers there. I cooked a Malaysian dish called “Ayam Masak Merah”. I altered the taste a bit not to make it spicy because Turkish people don’t really eat spicy food. Alhamdulillah I guess everyone loved it!

From my deepest heart, I am really thankful for everyone in Gaziosmanpasa University Hospital for making February 2017 one of the most memorable month in my life. You guys will always be my favourite people. Even though we might not contact each other I will always pray for you and insyaAllah I will not forget you.

Million thanks especially to Dr Ismail Okan for the great hospitality, may Allah bless all your efforts and grant you more amazing things in your life. Cok tesekkur. Also to all other doctors that always be there for us especially Dr Yavuz, Dr Zeki, Dr Mehmet Fetih, Dr Ahmed, Dr Emin and other doctors thank you very much.

To Turk MSIC Tokat especially Sena Hasbek, thank you so much for everything. I love you Sena!

And to my intercambista partner Carla Nunez, thank you and sorry for everything. I really had a good time with you.

Not to forget my gorgeous housemates, Kader, Tugba, Elif, Merve, Busra, Kubra, Nurain & others tesekkular ederim.

Lots of loves,


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By on April 25, 2017

Hi and selam aleykum you’ols! 

So here I am, inside my humble abode. My parents having a plan to increase my weight and they do succeed! I gained weight T____T gaining weight is the last thing I want to do here. 
My main plans before starting my job as Houseman are eating and sleeping (rotates the circle until I get the job). Yes, as you know when I start my work soon I will not have much time doing them. I may not have time to eat. Surely I will not have time to sleep. 
Nah, it just my initials plan. End up I still busy in Malaysia meh. 
The first day in Malaysia I got my interview done with BBC London Radio. We did the interview at one of the cafes at KLCC. This is for second part. I’ve done the first part in Cairo. I wish I can blog about it later. It’s such amazing experience! 

So this is the initial plan. Chill out till I got HO. Haha. Peace yo!

After that I went back to my hometown and the next day going around the city making few businesses. 
Then went to Kuala Lumpur to submit my documents to MMC and attend few programs in Kuala Lumpur. Yada yada yada..
So yeah, one of them is volunteering! 

This was the collaboration of Muslim Volunteers Malaysia & Malaysian Relief Agency.

So there we were doing some activities & I offered free medical advice & check up to the community. Feel so goooood. I will do it again! InsyaAllah. Thank you for the opportunity. 

Till next post! 

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