Travelling Tips for Solo Traveler (Especially for Muslim Women)

By on October 5, 2017

Selam aleykum wbt and Hi guys,
It has been a long time not writing in this blog. I am not really busy but not in the right mood to write though I got a lot of things to talk about. Oh God, give me strength!

Lately, I decided to make a vlog. I did try to record the vlog but it still didn’t turn out like what I want to. So I will hold it until I did it well. I need a proper place with less noise, with proper lighting and stuff.

So, today I want to share with you guys some contents of the vlog, which are few tips about solo travelling especially for Muslim women out there. I did solo travel to few countries like Brazil, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Egypt. Not much but just sharing something if you still hesitate to start a journey because solo travelling is addicting and it is fun! I honestly want to do more solo travel again in the future.

Let’s start!

No 1, the most important thing is to tajdid your niat or renew your intentions. Why do you want to travel in the first place? Everything must start with the good intention, you will soon insyaAllah attract the good things to happen. I am so pissed off when people came back from somewhere but they only share the bad things about the places. Can’t you clear your lenses and point of views? Positive vibes, please.

No 2, do plan your itineraries thoroughly and share it with your family and friends. After you do the itineraries, ask permission from your parents first or you can ask the permission before making the itineraries. You should know where you will sleep, what you going to take, is it a bus, or a train or a ferry. There was one time when I went to Greece, my friends were planning all the itineraries but I didn’t tell my mum that I was actually in Greece. You know what happened was, the first day of the trip, the weather went so cloudy till our flight was delayed. But because we already booked everything in Greece, we burnt the hotel stay that night and the flight to Santorini the next day. Then we need to buy new ferry tickets to Santorini which cost us about 40 euros. Only God knew how much our money went away like Niagara Falls. After I called my mum, alhamdulillah everything went well. See the power of mother?

No 3, make sure your passport is still valid and check if you need you need any visa to enter the countries. Please back up all the important documents in email, in the google doc, in Evernote or wherever online as much as possible in case something happen in the future. Plus, especially if you travel alone, do email or contact with the embassy. Last time, when I was in Brazil, I did email to the embassy there but they didn’t reply. It’s okay. I just wish that they could treat me some roti canai in the South America region cause you know my perut is so Malaysian.

No 4, travel light and be minimalist as much as you can. For God sake please don’t bring unnecessary things. you are alone and if something happens you can’t run with heavy things then. and wear something more to local and don’t wear fancy things that make you obvious like a foreigner. You also might attract the scammer and pickpocket to do something with you. But it also depends on the countries. When I was in Turkey I can’t wear something that is so simple. They did misunderstand me with a refugee once. lol so wear beautiful clothes and put the red lips on!

No 5, whenever possible, visit the local mosque and find halal restaurants. When I was in Brazil for about one and half month, I was so sad because I didn’t hear any azan. It is because the nearest mosque is 45 minutes by car. You have to be strong and keep in touch with your friends so that they can always remind you. Being alone in foreign countries, it’s only you and your God, I mean if you don’t perform prayer or did bad things no one knows. It is so important to maintain your ibadah while you are travelling. If you always read al-Quran or al-Mathurat every day, try to read it also when you travel. At least, download the Quran apps on your phone. I don’t know. I just feel incomplete if I don’t read Quran every day. You may not read as much as you read at home but please don’t any neglect it while travelling.

No 6, especially Muslim women, to ease you when travelling, wear something that is suitable to perform solat (something that covers your aurat properly). You also can bring small sajadah in case there is no available mosque or musolla to pray. You can still solat on the ground or in the park. Plus, brings a lot of panty liners so you will always be in a clean state. InsyaAllah.

No 7, so here other tips, as a solo traveller, one of the best things to do is to join a free walking tour. Here, you can make new friends who also travel solo and exchange few stories with them. Also, you can join Couchsurfing. Some friends asked me about CS, alhamdulillah so far I have good experiences with the CS communities. I did travel with CS in Egypt, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and currently with CouchSurfing Kota Kinabalu. They are like my other family and we still keep in touch till now!

No 8, yes, there is one thing I want to share with you guys, please don’t travel at night. But this also depends on the country. Like when I was in Brazil, all the travellers were not going anywhere at night. Even the local advised not to do it unless you have a car and the place you go is secured. I want to quote what my friend said, he said that all citizens in Brazil at least have experienced being robbed 3 times in their life. and my other intercambista from Bolivia, on his fourth day in Brazil, he did witness someone got killed on the street. phew. but fret not, there are still some countries that still safe to travel at night and enjoy the night view. Like in Istanbul. Wherever you go please read some reviews about the country first.

That’s all from me. If you have anything to add or any questions, please drop comments below.


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