Legally on Road.

July 18, 2017

Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah…
Finally, I passed my driving test. Today I have my test with JPJ and I was freaking nervous. Yesterday I even had a migraine and I took 2 panadol to relieve it.

Actually, I had my driving class 6 years ago after SPM but I didn’t finish it because I got offer abroad to continue my studies. Unfortunately, I just burned the fee T___T

So, while waiting for my job call now (I better have done this driving license before I work tbh) I learned how to drive at one of the driving school near my house. I’m so pleased this time because I finally understand and remember the things that I need to do on the road because before this I just being so clueless on road. What just I learn from my driving teacher meh 6 years ago. Plus, the couples that taught me are husband and wife who are quite good looking hahaha. They are also so helpful and friendly.

The day before my JPJ test, I was practicing the road with Bro Y, I did a lot of mistakes, Bro Y kept said to me “What you did will cause you failed, you know…”
-I forgot to turn on the signal earlier.
-I just crossed the white line…
-I just forgot to see carefully the cars from behind…
So, much complaints that I finally so worried about the next day (because I felt my circuit practices were almost perfect…. Overconfident meh)

I went home with a burden of worries. That’s why I had my migraine and I almost puke that night. I did solat hajat, solat taubat and solat istikharah. I prayed that Allah will ease everything. You know I need to do solat taubat a lot. I don’t which sins will make my day miserable. Miserable, I might fail the test and repeat the test (and need to pay another RM200 if I repeat the test duhh nauzubillah).

The day of the test, which is this morning. I woke up earlier, I ate cornflakes for my breakfast then get ready for the test. I prayed solat dhuha with extra rakaats today. I am so freaking nervous. I just want to pass the test in a single test. Huhuhu.

I waited for Bro Y to take me to the driving office. We registered and attend the brief from the officers. The tests for JPJ.

*Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan (RPK)
which I forgot to tell the JPJ about the road tax and things on the front mirror @.@

*Circuit Test ( Ujian Bukit, Parking, 3 Penjuru, Z course and S course)
Alhamdulillah I got Kancil (there were 3 cars; 1 Viva & 2 Kancil)
Viva is a nightmare because the car is bigger than Kancil and the clutch are not so helpful for a beginner.
A normal Kancil which everyone dreams because it was the car that everyone practices with it (Alhamdulillah I got this car)
Another Kancil which the gear is not functioning well. Many failed the test because of this.

*On the Road test (JPJ beside you)
Alhamdulillah I got a female JPJ, she is so helpful and I passed the test!

I so blessed today finally I am legal to drive on road. The only thing I asked from Allah, please allow me to pass this test so I can be a chauffeur for my parents!

So this is for both of them 🙂

Abah treated me at Aroi Thai Boat Noodle Restaurant. Yeay Thank you Abah!

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