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Offline Social Media! 

July 6, 2017


Lately, I’ve been so unproductive. I had some sort of depression too due to several reasons. I felt so pessimist. One day, when I was browsing the YouTube I saw a video named “A year offline, what I have learned | Paul Miller | TEDxEutropolis”. After I saw the title, I paused. I think this is the sign that I should go offline now. So, I decided to offline some of my social medias, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and uninstall them from the phone. I want to live my life the other way. I stop spending time on social medias so I have time to read more (especially the books that I bought last time in KLIBF). It is because I have a very bad self-control on social media. I spent a lot of time on them. Doing unbeneficial things.

This is the video.

Another thing was I spent lots of time playing games especially Candy Crush. I did finish 390 levels within one and half month. I didn’t sleep at night sometimes because of this. So I did delete the games on my phone too. Instead, I learn the new language which is Japanese in Duolingo. See, I rather spend my time on favorable thing after this.

Just for memory before I delete the game. huhu

Alhamdulillah, my other friend also very supportive, she also offline too as well. Plus, I asked my mom to stop subscribing the Astro for this month. Only two channels are available which is TV2 and Astro Awani (for News) HAHAHA I think this new environment is so supporting my offline campaign.

Today is my second day offline. I feel so relax and I do have read more than before & blogging more I think! Let’s go on!

Do you want to try offline?



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