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Gaziosmanpaşa University Hospital.

By on May 17, 2017

Selam aleykum and merhaba!

This is my appreciation post for one of my favourite hospital in the world, Gaziosmanpașa (GOP) University Hospital. I promised my supervisor to tell everyone about this hospital after I finished my works there. I am sorry it’s a bit late but here is it!

Gaziosmanpașa University Hospital or as known as GOP UH is located in Tokat, Turkey. It is a university hospital that established in 1992. The university hospital is near to the building of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Gaziosmanpașa University.

I got an offer for professional exchange from International Federation of Medical Student Association Egypt (IFMSA Egypt) to do my exchange in this hospital for one month. I chose to do this exchange after I finished my medical school. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity. Thank You IFMSA Egypt.

I had done my exchange in Surgical Department under supervision of the Head of Department, Dr Ismail Okan. He is an experienced and distinguished doctor. I learnt a lot of things throughout this experience. They do love to teach the students and give opportunities for us to do the procedures and assist the surgeries. Assisting the surgery is the most thing that I look forward to because in my medical school we don’t have that kind of opportunities handling the surgery by ourselves.

In here, I saw everyday patients were struggling between life and death. It made me appreciate my life more. The passion that shown by the health workers here from the nurses, helpers, medical attendants and the doctors really inspired me to do my best in my medical career soon. They were also very welcoming in teaching me anything that I don’t understand even they have to repeat it many times.

Other than assisting and witnessing how the procedure of the operations were done, we learnt how endoscopy worked in the Endoscopic Department, then they teached us how to diagnose the disease and the plan for treatments.

I had done assisting more than 20 operations such as thyroid operations, gastrectomy, stomach cancers, intestinal cancers, mastectomy and many more. I am so fortune to experience all of these and insyaAllah I will use the knowledge that I gained for the future.

In addition, we also had our lunch at the Surgical Department café. Lunch is the most time that I can’t wait for because I really love delicious food that has been made there (well it’s a meal for specialist it must taste good right :D)

I had my pharyngitis again last day of my exchange. Alhamdulillah everyone there treats me well 🙂 

One of the operation that I can’t forget is the operation of stomach cancer that spread to the surrounding organ. The operation took almost 5 hours straight and I can’t deny it was a very tiring surgical procedure. We usually went back home at 5 pm but at that time we went home almost at 8pm. But the doctor treated us a box of pizza per person because he surely knew how hungry we were.

Moreover, we also spent our time in Palliative Care Unit also under supervision of Dr Ismail Okan to see how the palliative care works. Here the cancer patient were treated and cared by the Palliative Care group consist of different health workers profession. During my last day of exchange, I spent some time to cook for the patients and health workers there. I cooked a Malaysian dish called “Ayam Masak Merah”. I altered the taste a bit not to make it spicy because Turkish people don’t really eat spicy food. Alhamdulillah I guess everyone loved it!

From my deepest heart, I am really thankful for everyone in Gaziosmanpasa University Hospital for making February 2017 one of the most memorable month in my life. You guys will always be my favourite people. Even though we might not contact each other I will always pray for you and insyaAllah I will not forget you.

Million thanks especially to Dr Ismail Okan for the great hospitality, may Allah bless all your efforts and grant you more amazing things in your life. Cok tesekkur. Also to all other doctors that always be there for us especially Dr Yavuz, Dr Zeki, Dr Mehmet Fetih, Dr Ahmed, Dr Emin and other doctors thank you very much.

To Turk MSIC Tokat especially Sena Hasbek, thank you so much for everything. I love you Sena!

And to my intercambista partner Carla Nunez, thank you and sorry for everything. I really had a good time with you.

Not to forget my gorgeous housemates, Kader, Tugba, Elif, Merve, Busra, Kubra, Nurain & others tesekkular ederim.

Lots of loves,


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