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By on April 25, 2017

Hi and selam aleykum you’ols! 

So here I am, inside my humble abode. My parents having a plan to increase my weight and they do succeed! I gained weight T____T gaining weight is the last thing I want to do here. 
My main plans before starting my job as Houseman are eating and sleeping (rotates the circle until I get the job). Yes, as you know when I start my work soon I will not have much time doing them. I may not have time to eat. Surely I will not have time to sleep. 
Nah, it just my initials plan. End up I still busy in Malaysia meh. 
The first day in Malaysia I got my interview done with BBC London Radio. We did the interview at one of the cafes at KLCC. This is for second part. I’ve done the first part in Cairo. I wish I can blog about it later. It’s such amazing experience! 

So this is the initial plan. Chill out till I got HO. Haha. Peace yo!

After that I went back to my hometown and the next day going around the city making few businesses. 
Then went to Kuala Lumpur to submit my documents to MMC and attend few programs in Kuala Lumpur. Yada yada yada..
So yeah, one of them is volunteering! 

This was the collaboration of Muslim Volunteers Malaysia & Malaysian Relief Agency.

So there we were doing some activities & I offered free medical advice & check up to the community. Feel so goooood. I will do it again! InsyaAllah. Thank you for the opportunity. 

Till next post! 

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