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Travel Tips.

March 5, 2017

Alhamdulillah, I just finished my professional exchange in Black Sea Region. Now I am in Greece for my convocation treats to myself. Who else gonna treats you better right? HAHAHA.

 After travelled to few countries, there are  a lot of lessons that I got and I obligate myself to share to you guys. Yes, all these lessons required thousands of money loss and millions of piles of tears T___T

 You may read it somewhere else but I will share based on my experiences here. Greece so far gave me a lot of lessons that I will not forget.

 So, here some humble travel tips from me 🙂

  1. Make sure that your passport valid 6 months before departure and do a bit research whether you need visa or not to enter the country.
  2. Buy the flight ticket from trusted agents or site. I got this bad experience. There’s someone who sell cheap flight tickets, turn out that the company is a SCAM! Thank God that the agent is responsible so he had a back up plan and used his own money to buy new tickets for us.
  3.  Back up all the documents like passport, flight tickets, hotel bookings and everything in your emails and your phone.
  4.  Also print out all the flight tickets and hotel booking. There’s  a time when we were in Santorini and we forget to print out the latest booking, fortunately, we back up it in the phone so they allow us to pass this time. We almost burned our 80 euro to print out the new tickets T___T
  5. Don’t come to  the airport late. We don’t know if there might be traffic jam, super long queue in the counters or super long immigration check up. We had a bad experience too when we already arrived at the airport 2 hours and 30 minutes earlier but the queue for boarding pass is extreamly long (we queued for 2 hours and then got problems with i-dont-know-what then we need to buy fast track ticket (cost 10€) because the flight already about to depart! You know how rushing we were and finally we made the grand entrance (muka tebal 10 inches when everyone looked at us like we were prisoners).
  6. Bring suitable clothes and don’t bring clothes that you definitely don’t wear it. Save the luggage space for souvenirs :p and make sure that you check the weather forecast to plan what clothes that you need to wear whether it is summer or winter seasons.

Gonna share few stories in Black Sea Region and Greece soon.

Fi emanillah 🙂

Today at Meteora.

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