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February 25, 2017

This week gonna be my last week in Black Sea Region. I am quite sad but there are a lot of another thing need to be done in my second home, Cairo & then Malaysia keep calling me. My sister always ask me “Tak reti-reti nak balik Malaysia ke? (Don’t you want to come back to Malaysia?)”

She then angry at me a bit because I told her that I want to be an expat, I will live oversea and settle down anywhere outside Malaysia haha. I don’t mind if my parents want to stay with me, I will bring them too. No, I am not joking 😉

Actually last week I had my amazing Black Sea Journey! I will blog about it soon (bila turun wahyu Hehe). This post I want to write to my BFF since forever, AK because I know that AK has a really tough time right now. I already speak to AK’s mom and I found how hard the situation is. Yeah, I don’t know if AK will read about this or not. Anyway, I share with you guys how I destress myself.

Everyone will have their hard time. I do have mine too. I already passed them and I’m sure I gonna face another hard time again. Life is like a wheel. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down bottom. You can’t have all bad things all the time or you have all happy things all the time. NO. So what did I do to destress myself?

  1. Always look everything in positively. There must be a reason why those things happen. Usually, the tough thing will build you to be a better one. Did you know that diamond is made up under pressure?
  2. Go eat ice-cream! This is the thing that I always do. Sometimes I will buy the expensive ice-cream then regret it hahaha. But then I would say to myself (it’s okay once in while kan :P) or find another dessert to calm you down. But don’t overeat!
  3. Relax, close your eyes and imagine the good things that you ever had. Remember the amazing trip that you went to. Remember your families’ faces. Remember all the sweet things. Dude, tough time will pass but tough people won’t. 🙂
  4. Listen to music. Or sing your lungs out. Yes Yes Yes. I am my own fan. Even I know people will get ear aches when they hear I sing but this one way to destress myself. Nah IDC.
  5. Take a walk or run the town. I noticed that when I started my running routine every weekend I become less stress. Some research said that the endorphin will be released and the stress hormone will decrease. Endorphine is a happy hormone FYI.
  6. Do something that require your creativity like drawing or knitting. The art therapy can reduce the stress. Here, in the palliative care unit, the doctors encourage the patient to draw and making art to reduce their stress. If you visit here then you can see few drawings by the cancer patients exhibited here.
  7. Try yoga, pilates, or any meditations. If you are a muslim, try to turn back to your God. Maybe He miss you 😉
I still remember this moment. It was an amazing trip. I told myself to remember this view when I face stress situation in future. 

Guys, it’s okay to be imperfect. It’s okay that not everything will happen according to your plan. I start to embrace my vulnerabilities and I become more calm. Remember that good things will happen then. POSITIVE! Of course I will cry my lungs out till all the neighbour know what happen haha. Just spill it out, it will lessen the burden. No cry will not crush your ego dude. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness.

Of whatever KEEP CALM and may Allah ease you 🙂
fi emanillah.

  1. Music always a good escapes from a problem. But sometimes it can break your heart too 🙁 Btw, what a breathtaking view! Please upload more picture hehe

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