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A Little Doctor’s Step.

February 1, 2017

Selam alayk and merhaba!

Sorry for not updating. I got too much drafts (too many to talk about) but still trying to find a proper time and a relevant idea to write and publish the drafts.

Alhamdulillah just arrive to a place somewhere in West Black Sea region where I will stay for a month and start my pre-medical practice. It’s kinda awkward to introduce myself to the doctors here because I’m just like one week finished my grand final exam and are now unofficially a doctor. Not a medical student anymore but not yet a doctor. Hahaha it’s nothing but I’m not really ready for it.

As a girl who was born and raised in tropical climate, honestly I’m quite excited to see snow here. It has been snowing for two days since my stay here and I secretly wish it will snow everyday for next 28 days. Hehe Sorry for being selfish. Most people right here prefer summer but I love winter!

This photo was taken this morning before we went to have our breakfast in the next building. See how beautiful the surrounding is. I fall in love already.

Seems like 28 days is not enough to enjoy this view 🙁

Obviously, I am the only one Malaysian here (where on earth I just went to) and I am staying here with my Bolivian friend. Her name is CN. We are here to gain new knowledge about General Surgery and see as much as procedures that we can. Then, we need to do a presentation and share some knowledge about complementary medicine. Still thinking about what to present to them tho.

Plus during our stay, we love to exchange cultures experiences and enjoying local way of life, habits, heritages here.

So, today we went to the hospital (thank you SH for helping us throughout this journey) and SH showed us the way to go to our hospital. Our hospital is GOP University Hospital which is a local hospital that build since 1992. We met our supervisor Dr IO. MasyaAllah he is so welcoming us to the hospital and a very nice doctor. I wish I can learn a lot from him.

After that, we met Dr A and have a little talk with him, then we followed him to watch the endoscopic procedure. Endoscopic procedure is a procedure when the doctor inserts a camera inside your stomach through your mouth to detect any lesion along the way from mouth to stomach. This patient is an old man who complaint of vomiting and during the endoscopic Dr A took some biopsies. He was suspecting this man maybe has a stomach cancer. We can see there is pyloric obstruction from the screen. I hope the uncle is fine. Geçmiş olsun!

Till I need to sleep now. InsyaAllah I will write more later. Thank you for reading 🙂

love from West Black Sea.


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