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January 16, 2017

Selam aleykum and hi all!

After the exam I just can’t wait anymore to launch this new blog. Haha. I am just soooooo happy and I will try to write constantly in this new blog (kalau tak membazir je bayar domain haha).

So, are you ever wondered why it is Orked Husyn? I love name Orked because the name remind me of my mother. When I was 10 years old, my mum was a housewife and she had a lovely collection of orchids. When we were going to travel to other states, she will stop at the nursery and took a look to the orchids there and surely she will bought some gorgeous orchids to add to her collection!

Husyn is simply my surname!

So I decide to make them as my nickname. Both my parents are one of the most supportive person that always encourage me to do the things that I love. They remind me of Malala’s father when people asking him why Malala Yousafzai become so bold and inspiring to many girls like now. Her father’s beautiful quote about #Malala, Ziauddin Yousafzai said:

“Why is my daughter so strong and courage ?” he asks. “Because I didn’t clip her wings.”

MasyaAllah.. When I read her book “My Name Is Malala” I really gain a new spirit inside me to contribute more to my society. The book mixed of many feeling that I become angry at some points (annoyed to the people who is irrationally conservative), also upset in few part of the book and even crying because of what happen to her and I do feel astonished with what she did. Masya Allah tabarakkallah.

Then, I would love to thank my beloved friend ZMI who set up my blog! Love you too Zidd. May Allah bless you my dear. Here, what she wrote for me for my first post. I will kept it as an appreciation to her.


Hai Naadia!

I’m so happy that you’ve established your new blog and I’ll looking forward to read your post soon!


Love to the infinityyy,


0320 waktu mesia


So, welcome to my new blog. Happy reading 🙂

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